EngateLabs™ Global Network Threat Analysis Center

EngateLabs™ is a global network threat analysis center of highly skilled researchers, analysts and advanced reputation network profiling technology that protects organizations from botnet, phish, virus, spam and blended web/email threats. EngateLabs empowers organizations with a preemptive defense against known and emerging threats and stops them before they have a chance to enter the network and damage IT resources, steal intellectual property, propagate threats, and disrupt business productivity.




Proactive Security for Enterprise, Service Providers & OEM Vendors

EngateLabs‘ proactive approach to protecting organizations from botnet threats, phish, viruses, spam and blended web/email attacks involves a unique combination of expert network profiling analysis, automated systems and proprietary rules development. EngateLabs leverages its proprietary network profiling technology to deliver the most in-depth analysis and security in the market. This highly advanced and proactive threat analysis center consists of the following:


Network Profiling – Engate‘s network profiling analysts examine a broad set of data and configuration parameters within a network. Engate‘s specialists profile entire networks including all illicit and legitimate hosts in the subnet. EngateLabs understands the functions of every computer and host that resides in the network and are able to identify malicious and suspicious behavior data. By profiling entire networks beyond infected hosts, Engate has built a repository of intelligence on potential hosts that may become infected. Using this in-depth network profiling analysis, Engate preemptively stops illicit hosts that are distributing threats and has the intelligence to detect clean/new hosts that are compromised, and proactively stop these threats before they launch.


GlobalRules™ -- Engate has more than six years of operational experience collecting and analyzing data on global networks. The strategy of using a proactive approach to profiling every host in an entire network enables Engate to preemptively be aware of both known and unknown threat sources in advance. Based on Engate‘s advanced network profiling, EngateLabs creates a "smart" rule(s) for that network and it is permanently stored in Engate‘s GlobalRules™ database. The rule database works in tandem with Engate‘s connection management technology to distinguish illicit mail servers from legitimate mail servers and validate which hosts are permitted to send direct-to-MX email.


Automated Systems – Engate‘s advanced automated tools increase lab productivity with the efficient analysis of threat sources and distribution of GlobalRules to local appliances.  EngateLabs delivers unique intelligence on emergent threats and automatically updates protection to organizations without the need for IT administrators to become experts in the latest threat techniques and network hazards. Engate removes the administrative burden by ensuring that users receive the greatest proactive defense without the requirement of IT administrators to modify their own rules on an hourly or daily basis.

Incremental Value for OEM Partners

EngateLabs™ empowers OEM vendors to enhance the performance, effectiveness and accuracy of their security and network solutions. Engate delivers incremental value to security software, appliance, secure web gateway, unified threat management, firewall, router and intrusion prevention partners in the following ways:


(1) Enhance 3rd party threat scoring systems with an extra layer of threat intelligence proven to achieve an additional 5-10% unique catches on top of existing content scanning, Real-time Blacklists (RBL) and reputation technologies. Engate‘s GlobalRules™ provides minimal overlap with an OEM partner‘s technology because Engate does not store IP addresses and does not require the use of reputation analysis or RBLs.


(2) Improve connection-level security and the efficiency of 3rd party email security filters by radically reducing the large volume of unwanted traffic and malicious payloads from reaching the gateway. Engate delivers over 99% accuracy at the connection level enabling partners to improve the effectiveness of their connection management and content scanning engines.


(3) Augment multi-layer security strategy with proactive protection from known and unknown threats. Engate’s unique network profiling functionality gives OEM partners preemptive defense against botnet-based attacks, phish, spam, viruses and blended web/email threats.