Botnet, Phish, Virus & Email Security Solutions

Engate delivers the industry’s most reliable security solutions for enterprises, service providers and OEM partners. With a customer-proven catch rate of over 99%, Engate stops botnet, phish, viruses, spam and blended web/email attacks at the connection level -- before it enters the gateway and damages IT resources, steals private data, propagates threats and lowers productivity. Engate’s patented Network Profiling security technology also delivers incremental value to OEM partners and is licensed by security software, appliance, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention, router, and unified threat management vendors.


Superior Accuracy and Effectiveness

By preemptively profiling every host within the network and being aware of the functions of every computer within the subnet, Engate’s unique approach gives organizations the fastest response to compromised hosts and new botnets the instant they emerge, ensuring immediate protection against any creative tactic that may arise now or in the future. Driven to help companies and OEM partners succeed, Engate delivers unprecedented benefits for the following:



Network Profiling and Anti-Botnet Technology for OEMs

Engate‘s GlobalRules™ network profiling technology empowers OEM partners to improve the performance, effectiveness and accuracy of their products. Engate‘s network profiling technology enables OEM partners to achieve industry-leading 99% accuracy with the lowest rate of false positives – improving customer renewals and competitive conversions. database.


How does Engate achieve over 99% accuracy with a low false positive rate? Read more on how Engate is differentiated from reputation systems and real-time blocking lists (RBLs).





  • Delivers 99% catch rates
  • Achieves low false positives
  • Proactive botnet, phish, virus, spam defense
  • Reduces storage costs up to 90%
  • Opens up IT and computing resources
  • Improves throughput and latency
  • Reduces operating and capital costs
  • Achieves a quick return on investment