News Release - Engate Technology Launches Mobile Security as a Service for Small and Medium Businesses


Engate Mobile Sentinel™ makes it easy for smaller businesses to adopt critical security for enterprise mobile systems with minimal technical overhead and cost.


Reno, NV – March 5, 2014 — Engate Technology Corporation, leaders in next generation reputation network profiling technology and proactive botnet, phish, virus and email security solutions, announced today its entrance into the mobile security as a service market targeting solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB).


The software as a solution (SaaS) known as Engate Mobile Sentinel™ is designed to make it easy for smaller businesses to adopt critical security for enterprise mobile systems with minimal technical overhead and cost. Engate’s CEO, Wil Cochran stated, “We believe strongly that the SMB market has been underserved by current mobile device management (MDM) solutions which have historically targeted larger enterprise systems."


The announcement comes at a time when SMBs, who for years did little to nothing about the security of their employees’ mobile devices, are realizing how critical mobile security has become to the lifeblood of their business. Cochran added, “With Engate Mobile Sentinel , Engate is taking its expertise in threat analysis and authentication and applying it to an easy to use low cost cloud hosted service that will provide government grade security to SMB mobile systems at a fraction of the cost of current security and access solutions.”

Until recently SMB owners did not have to worry much about security since smart phones and tablets did not figure prominently in their business operations. With every passing day, small business operations are finding themselves more and more reliant on mobile platforms. For example, a large percentage of SMBs make use of GPS and Location based services, customer mobile credit and payment systems, conferencing services, and multiple accounting and operations control systems, not to mention the management of customer relationships through social networking sites.

SMBs are coming to realize that the security of their employees’ mobile devices is more than simply a question of securing company data – it is about protecting sensitive customer data, corporate operations systems and the company’s reputation – in other words mission critical activities. At the same time, security cannot impede ease of use as well as employee access to company resources and information.

Engate Mobile Sentinel™ builds on Engate’s deep knowledge and years of experience successfully defeating proactive network threats whose signatures and mechanisms are now finding their way to mobile endpoint devices. It also draws on operational security experience of the Engate team many of whom spent years in military and/or in intelligence organizations. “Mobile security is no longer about only mobile device management” explains Rich White, Engate’s Chief Technical Officer, “SMBs which make use of employee owned devices must focus on mobile application management (MAM) where security around the application is key – Engate Mobile Sentinel enables security to both the device and the application on mobile endpoints.”

The threats to mobile security have classically been to the device. Theft or loss of mobile devices opens up the possibility for data loss or worse. Therefore classic MDM controls like data wipe and remote device shut down are important capabilities. In fact, historically, malware has not been a major concern especially in the United States where most users download applications from relatively well controlled Apple and Google app stores. However, this is changing as hackers are finding much more sophisticated means to obfuscate malware as well as introduce new forms of attack on mobile devices such as public WiFi based “Man in the Middle” attacks. According to Gartner, Android based malware attacks grew significantly in 2013 and in app stores not controlled by Apple and Google, the problem of malware is much more pronounced.

Engate Mobile Sentinel covers both the MDM and MAM security through a cloud hosted service specifically for SMB. Multi-tenant cloud hosting is what makes it possible to offer such a comprehensive capability at a price and ease of use appropriate for SMBs. The cloud hosted service provides a tiered pricing approach based company size. For companies with less than 50 employees, Engate Mobile Sentinel can be applied to each employee’s mobile device for less than $4 per month per device. Also, a business owner does not need to be an IT expert to sign up and use the service. Companies can sign up and secure devices within minutes.

In addition to ease of use, Engate Mobile Sentinel also emphasized accessibility into its overall service architecture. The system provides seamless access to corporate resources protected behind the firewall of the mobile device. This allows users with a single sign-on to access email, internal corporate file sharing as well as access to corporate intranet sites with confidence that these files and sites remain secure.

An additional benefit of Engate Mobile Sentinel is its cross platform applicability. There is no longer a debate whether or not employees should be able to bring their own devices to work. In the SMB world, “bring your own device” (BYOD) is a fact of life. The great advantage of Engate Mobile Sentinel is that it works for all the major platforms including iOS, Android, and Microsoft. This is especially important for SMBs who may have little control over the types of mobile devices that are in their networks.

Engate is in the final phases of bringing Engate Mobile Sentinel into commercial release which is expected to be completed by March 2014. As a first step Engate plans to sell Engate Mobile Sentinel through its distribution partners many of whom work directly with SMBs. For partnership or reseller opportunities please contact

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