News Release - Engate MailSentinel™ Delivers Unprecedented Results for Bentor Technologies’ Business Customers


Partnership Empowers BMW, Honda and Network Child Care Services to Generate Immediate Cost Reductions and Operational Efficiencies with Preemptive Email Security


Toronto, ON and Reno, NV – May 29, 2007 — After signing as the exclusive partner for Engate Technology Corporation in Ontario, Canada, Bentor Technologies Inc. has delivered successful installations of the Engate MailSentinel™ EMS 2500 anti-spam solution for its enterprise and small to medium size business customers, setting a new benchmark for anti-spam protection and customer satisfaction.


"Engate’s award winning email security solution has generated immediate results for our customers, blocking over 99 percent of incoming spam at the protocol level," said John Gray, Partner, Bentor Technologies. "By preemptively stopping sophisticated threats such as image spam, phish, zombie attacks and email born viruses at the connection level, our customers have realized significant savings from network bandwidth, server storage and IT costs, as well as, an overall improvement to the throughput of their messaging systems.”


Honda Achieves Unprecedented Email Security and Improves Network Throughput
Parkway Honda, along with its sister dealership Mississauga Honda, are one of the largest Honda auto dealers in the greater Toronto area. Together, both dealerships employ over 200 employees, whereby their IT network plays a key role in the overall business operations.


Over the past several years, there has been an increased reliance on the Internet and email as the primary method of communication at Parkway Honda. Unfortunately this has also brought about an exposure to threats and vulnerability to hackers, viruses and spam, all of which posed a threat to Parkway’s network. Since the EMS 2500 installation, statistics have shown that 87% of all inbound mail was spam. By eliminating this spam at the protocol layer and preventing it’s delivery onto the network, the network performance at Parkway has improved, resulting in significant bandwidth savings, increased network throughput and faster response over the VPN for the users at the Mississauga Honda location.


“Prior to Engate, our primary concern was the potential for loss of legitimate emails,” said Raymond Chan, IT Director for Parkway Honda. “Using Engate’s product, this has not happened at Parkway Honda. In addition to spam-free mailboxes, I particularly like the feature where users can easily check if they suspect an email has been lost. Engate’s interface is simple to use and does not require special training or computer knowledge.”


BMW Reduces Risk and Improves Workforce Productivity
At a major BMW dealership with over 120 network users, the results were equally impressive. In the first four days of operation, the Engate MailSentinel™ detected that out of 155,000 emails, 148,000 were spam. By preventing spam from being delivered onto the network and mail server, a significant performance improvement was realized, ensuring faster execution of server based applications and client PC functions.


Eliminating unwanted mail at the connection layer, in tandem with Engate’s network speed performance, has enabled the BMW dealership to increase the throughput of their messaging systems as much as ten-fold. This has resulted in cost savings for bandwidth requirements, reduced server load, lower IT administration costs, and increased employee productivity.


Visit Bentor at the InfoSecurity Conference on June 13-14 at booth 329 at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto, Ontario. Learn how organizations are using email security solutions to improve network throughput while realizing significant savings from bandwidth, server storage and IT costs.

Network Child Care Services Preemptively Eliminates Threats at the Protocol Layer
At Network Child Care Services in Toronto, a large provider of professional day care with eleven centers each networked via Virtual Private Networks to a central mail server; there was an immediate elimination of spam on the networks within minutes of installing the EMS 2500. Of all mail intended for delivery at Network Child Care Services, over 99% was spam. Even with such a high rate of interception, there have been no false positives using the Engate MailSentinel solution.

"The recent increase in image spam was taxing our existing anti-spam content filters as a large amount of unwanted and offensive emails were being delivered onto Network Child Care's networks," said Spyros Volonakis, Executive Director, of Toronto based Network Child Care Services. "From day one, Engate has helped us to significantly improve the productivity and security of our operations by eliminating the majority of the threats outside our network before they’re able to compromise our servers.”


Next Generation Email Security Solutions for Enterprises and SMBs
Using eight patent-pending technologies, the Engate solution delivers industry-leading protection to service providers, large enterprises and small to medium size businesses by preemptively detecting and permanently stopping malicious and unwanted traffic at the protocol layer. Engate profiles entire networks and uniquely segregates between legitimate mail servers, and all other network functions, thereby making accurate judgments about the legitimacy of inbound mail. Used as a standalone solution or to complement existing content filters and server-based products, Engate delivers the following benefits:


  • Stop unwanted email traffic outside the network at 99% accuracy and virtually no false positives.
  • Achieve low TCO via savings from low maintenance, bandwidth savings and reduced operational costs.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by reducing email bandwidth and server load by +90%.
  • Preemptively detect and permanently stop threats before they have a chance to compromise operations.
  • Complement existing content filters with preemptive protocol layer connection management security.
  • Stay one step ahead of threats with automated rule updates that delivers comprehensive protection.
  • Increase messaging systems throughput as much as ten-fold with connection layer security.


About Bentor Technologies, Inc.
Bentor Technologies, one of Canada’s leaders in network infrastructure and security solutions, is dedicated to providing businesses with “best of breed” award winning and cost effective IT products and services from industry leading anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware companies. Headquartered in Toronto, Bentor has been delivering network security, implementation, and consulting services since 1993 to a broad range of companies. Bentor Technologies is an authorized partner for Engate Technology Corporation, ANCHIVA Systems Spyware and Total Internet protection, Systemhound IT asset management, Kaspersky Labs Antivirus and malware software, Spyware Doctor from PCTools and secure server technology from Net Integration Technologies. For more information, contact Bentor by phone: 866-458-3411, email:, or visit the company’s website at



About Engate Technology

Engate Technology Corporation is a leading provider of proactive anti-botnet and email security solutions for service providers and enterprises. The company also provides strategic partners with scalable and flexible OEM deployment models, including hardware appliance, hosted services and software, which can be licensed to security software, appliance, router, firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention, unified threat management and managed service providers. The company‘s proactive network profiling technology is instantly aware of new computers that become members of botnets and stops the distribution of email-borne threats at the protocol level, before it reaches the enterprise gateway and has a chance to compromise IT resources, slow down network performance, and invade privacy. For more information, contact Engate at, or visit the company’s website at


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